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General stuff that should be a given.. NEVER EVER TYPE HIS NAME!!!!!

This service is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. Use of this service is entirely at your own risk. We cannot take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this service.

The service allows indirect browsing of external, third-party websites. We are not responsible for the content on any external websites that may be accessible through our service. A website viewed through our service is in no way owned by or associated with this website.

The term "indirect browsing" refers to the server which you connect to. During "direct" browsing, you connect to the server which provides the resource you are requesting. During "indirect" browsing, you connect to our server. Our site downloads the requested resource and forwards it to you.

Any resource (such as web pages, images, files) downloaded through our service may be modified. This may include, but is not limited to, editing URLs so that any resources referenced by the target resource are also downloaded indirectly. The accuracy and reliability of this process is not guaranteed. The resource which you receive may not be an accurate representation of the resource requested.

A side-effect of indirect browsing may be anonymity. By connecting to our server instead of the target server, the target server does not see your IP address. However, we do not guarantee our service will be truly anonymous. The downloaded resource may reference other resources which your browser may automatically download. The service attempts to reroute all such requests through our server but may not be entirely successful. A single direct request will compromise your anonymity.

This service may download a resource over a secure connection but this may be sent back to you over an unsecure connection. Use caution when entering confidential information unless you are on a secure connection to our server (HTTPS). Please note that the SSL (HTTPS) certificate for this domain may not be signed, but the equal amount of security is still taken and used. We just can't afford the fancy stuff!

We ask that you please not bring abuse to this service through being engaged in illegal activity. This includes but is not limited to piracy, harassment, targeting websites and so forth. Though your identity on this website will remain anonymous to those who you use it to visit, like all online proxy sites, it is not guaranteed to bypass every form of action some websites take to obtain your true IP. It is recommended that you browse as simply as possible (no javascript or objects unless absolutely necessary).

In order to avoid injecting advertisements, or displaying them otherwise on proxified pages, there is the chance that we will borrow a small throttled percentage of your devices computing power to mine cryptocurrency seamlessly while you browse. This would only be done when using this service on a non-mobile device with javascript enabled in the best efforts to preserve your devices batter life, when a battery may be used. Our promise stands that we will NEVER use more than 50% of your resources for this purpose at any given time. This would only be done while browsing proxified pages, and not while browing other sections of our website.

You have the right to being anonymous on the internet. Though as this is not an official service, but a branch off of a shared server, analytical logs of the websites you visited are kept for a period of time to help encourage the legal use of this service. Reported crimes will not be tolerated and information that is requested from those actions by officials will be handed over if absolutely necessary and proof of report is given. With that said, no analytical information from using this service will otherwise be willingly shared or sold.

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