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This is basically the best proxy. Tell 10 friends! (and your dog)

How does work?

Our server downloads a copy of the requested web page, makes the necessary edits, and then forwards it back to you. Your IP address ends at our server, never touching the target site. When doing so, our server also has the capability of forwarding the spoofed referrer/user-agent you specified. is powered by the latest version of GLYPE and supported by SeiRruf. Download the latest version for your own website: Glype

Proxify pages on the go using:

Is this free?

Duh. Proxies that require you to pay up front for them are stupid. But if we offer ads, please try not to block them.

Where is this proxy located?

Our actual server is located within the USA. However, the IPs we use will almost always be outside of the US (Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg ...)

Is this a VPN?

No, this service its self is *not* a VPN. It's a web-based proxy. But we do use a VPN behind our network! Think of a VPN as a proxy for your entire computer, without having to use a website. They aren't free, but they can be affordable. Get yourself one! We use PureVPN.

Strings attached?

None at all, you may use this service as you'd use any other service. We even provide HTTPs connections (may be unsigned)! We just collect what we believe is needed. See our Documentation.

I want to advertise here.

Awesome! We do accept direct advertising requests, with an obvious small fee. Please use our contact page to post your request and receive a quote.

How much traffic do you receive?

We thought you might ask this question, so we prepared some graphs a little ways down this page. Scroll to see them! They include visitors, and content browsed.

Can I stream video?

Honestly, we'd prefer you didn't. But yes, you may. It gobbles bandwidth faster than a fish gobbles fish feed!

How much bandwidth do I get?

Virtually, it is unlimited. Or at least should be. If we notice any particular resource-hogging behaviours from anyone for an extended period of time, we may have to cut the rope.

What sites can I browse?

Anything within our regulations. "Even porn?" Yes, even.. that. Pervert! Sites such as social media, entertainment, or normal web pages are fine. Please, no government pages or pages which may be seen illegal. Torrent sites are 'OK' to browse.

Can I use this on my phone?

Yes, we even made sure to make it responsive for you. Try resizing your window? See how it tries to keep up? Bless it's little heart. Before you ask, Yes. It supports HTML5 & CSS3 practices.

Can I hotlink to proxified pages?

Kinda-sorta. To share a link with the URL pre-filled, just add ?url= to the end of the url. Example: Or simply add the url to the end of! (without http). to immediately proxify it.

Can I anonymize my email, too?

HELL YEAH YOU CAN! Just add [email protected]. It will catch *ALL* emails sent to it. To view them? Simply visit and type in the same name given on the email address (anyThingYouWantHere).

We make use of ads to help cover costs

Want to advertise on Click here to read about ads on our site. Visits

* The graph above displays analytics 8 days past from yesterday. Requests

* The graph above displays analytics 8 days past from yesterday.

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We accept advertising requests

So don't delay, contact us about advertising your site or service, today (fees may apply).

This service is hosted on SeiSERVER

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What's with the triangle guy everywhere

That, my friend, is an excellent question! Thanks for playing. :)
"Triangle Guy" known as "Bill Cipher" is a trademarked character of Disney's Gravity Falls.

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