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Proxification is Temporary Disabled

We're experiencing some issues with our network provider. As a result, our proxy is temporarily offline. Thank you for your patience!

Surf the web in private allows you to surf your favorite websites anonymously. Keep your sensitive IP Address private from the sites you visit! was designed to keep your identity anonymous to the websites you visit using this tool, in most cases. is also quite often used to browse blocked websites at home or at school or work. Happy Prox'n!

Below should be an illustration showing where most of our anonymous visitors have came from this month.

Change My Virtual OS / Browser

You BEFORE using

Location Ashburn, VA
Country United States
OS unknown unknown
Browser unknown unknown
& Lang
Computer, EN

You AFTER using

Location unknown, unknown
Country unknown
OS unknown unknown
Browser unknown unknown
& Lang
Computer, EN

/// What we believe our users would have said

  • cn i hav ur theme plz my proxy sux giv me ur theme plz

  • Wow I can watch a lot of porn. Thank you, ProxSei! Now my school will NEVER KNOW!

    Little Billy Joe
  • HAHHAA Get it?? Prox - Sei. ProxSei. PROXY! SO CLEVER I'M GONNA FLIP!

    That Guy
  • I love how ProxSei hides both the page title AND urls! With no referrers? Perfect. No body needs to know about my sick fantasies.

    P. Tom
  • How do I get this damn thing to work on my toaster, m8?

    Pre-K Dropout
  • This thing really IS useful.

  • I'd love to browse your site, but I'm not right handed, and currently that hand is occupied.

  • My organization blocked my favorite sites!! Well you know what I say?! Let them eat PROXSEI!

    John Dowe
  • Indexed.

  • Why do I have the feeling I'm being watched?

    Typical Consumer
  • I sat and read their "quotes" for hours. I barely realized it was just repeating over and over o_o

  • I am sure glad I clicked your ads. I got myself some sweet shit now!

    Internet Browser

    Bill Cipher
  • You might think I'm not real. That's good. That means ProxSei is working as it should.

    Santa Clause
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